RACOTIS ART announces the launch of a virtual exhibition titled ‘Atmosphere’ showcasing 85 works by 22 emerging and well-established contemporary Egyptian artists. The exhibition will launch on 21 December 2020 on the Racotis website and continue until 31 January 2021. The Exhibition is curated by Mohamed Elzohiry, founder and consultant at RACOTIS ART.
The exhibition aims to examine the current situation and the different conditions surrounding the artists and their interaction with them. The works present daily scenes as well as highlight the human feelings and interaction with a variety of situations, stressing on places and times that we refer to as circumstances.

The English word Atmosphere carries multiple meanings. It can be used in reference to the layer of gases surrounding the earth or another planet, but it can also describe the energy of feelings or mood in a place that surrounds us or a general atmosphere that the artwork triggers. With this multiplicity of meanings of the word, the artworks take atmosphere as a source of inspiration, while stressing on their creators’ interaction with the environment.
“Throughout this artistic experience, we aim to contribute to the development of the online exhibitions and see how virtual exhibitions can create a significant transformation in the global art market. We take into consideration the viewers’ experience as they navigate within such virtual shows. We also seek to help art collectors and art lovers to find and explore our collections in an easy and accessible way. The whole journey aims to create joy and happiness and add value to the viewers’ lives. Coronavirus and the accompanying quarantine, have forced art professionals to try out a variety of new digital technologies. It’s reasonable to think that successful and low-cost solutions will remain even after the pandemic ends,” comments Mohamed Elzohiry.

The exhibition brings together numerous creative minds, painters, and sculptors, namely: Taha Nasr, Ahmed Senbel, Mohamed Adel Dessouki, Ahmed Allam, Souad Abdel Rassoul, Mohamed Ziada, Rania Abul Azm, Omnia Reda, Mohamed Elmasry, Eman Ossama, Marwa Ben Halim, Moustafa Khedr, Chadi Salama, Khaled M Wahab, Wael Darwesh, Marian Nosshi, Qiruo He, Noha Nagui, Ahmed Youssri, Khaled Abdel Rahman and Sarah Kassem.
While most of the names are Egyptian, some are linked to Egypt through their artistic practice: Khalid Abdelrahman, a self-thought artist born in Khartoum where he has lived all of his life except for short intervals to study in Egypt, and China-born Qiruo He, who studied film, painting, and ceramics, before coming to Egypt (2016) and focusing on art creation.

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