Racotis Art – Collection Overview

Born mainly in the 1980s and the 1990s, the artists have already created their imprints on the Egyptian art scene and participated in numerous local and international exhibitions. Some of them are currently lecturers at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo, and Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University.
The artists have a large scope of interests and among the many topics they focus on in their work are the human movement and quest for freedom (Wael Darwesh), interactions between human and time (Noha Nagui), women’s feelings and emotions (Eman Ossama), spiritual understanding of the world we live in (Khaled M Wahab), etc.
“We have an ambitious plan to reach the international audience by taking steady and studied steps from cooperation with other cultural and art institutions all over the world to creating awareness about the Middle Eastern and African Art Scene and help them reach take the position and exposure they deserve. Moving online can have numerous benefits for everyone in the market. It will help art sellers cut costs and enable them to reach a truly global audience. It will make the art world more democratic since people will be able to buy art from all over the world. Posting art prices online where everyone can see them, will increase the transparency of the otherwise opaque art market. Although this doesn’t mean that the ordinary galleries will no more exist. What might happen is that every player on the art market will reconsider the fragile balance between online and offline exhibitions and sales,” Elzohiry comments.
Artwork by Mohamed Adel Dessouki
Co-founder of RACOTIS ART, Mohamed Elzohiry is an Egyptian artist and curator born in Alexandria. Elzohiry studied Art and Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts graduating in 2008. He has been working in numerous art organizations inside and outside Egypt and has co-curated a number of exhibitions at galleries and arts organizations such as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, TAM Gallery Cairo, New Arts Exchange Gallery UK and other institutions. As the Art world continues to expand and evolve, Elzohiry’s vision and love for Mediterranean and African Art led him to establish RACOTIS ART with a strong focus on North Africa and aiming to create point of intersection between African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures.

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