Mohamed Elmoslemany


An Egyptian artist born in 1973, he is an assistant professor at the Faculty of art Education, Helwan University. A participant in the plastic movement since 1997, he has many individual exhibitions in Egypt as well as groups in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates – he has many works in Egypt, including the interior paintings of the Dusit hotel in the 5th gathering, 2010 and has his own possessions with individuals. 2013m participated in the first Sharm El-Sheikh International Bennale and received the jury award, 2017 participation in the Luxor International painting Smboussium, 2020, to participate in the Nuba Ceremony Forum in Aswan.

The works of Elmoslemany are highly ecologically Egyptian, depending on the faces that bear the characteristics of the Egyptian, using ornaments from the old Egyptian or from different environments in Egypt. He sees faces as being the identification cards of human beings, where does he belong and who forms his ideas from the real-world reality, as faces of people who can be around the artist in his daily life or people he met in his practical career. The faces come in simple, simple, and expressive, with many ideas and questions in life, which carry a bit of sadness, and those who think, reflect, or reflect in other expressions in a simple, expressive way in its flat appearance, but with the focus you find a lot of depth in the work. The color plays a central role in the painting’s formulation, as its colors are simple and strong, which express its role in the work.

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