Fayrouz Samir


 Fayrouz Samir Abdel Baky – Born in Cairo -Associate Professor, Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University-Member of Syndicate of Fine Artists-Member of Cairo Atelier for writers and artists. Internal drawings and children’s book covers .6Individual Art exhibitions and More than 50 local and International exhibitions and local participations. Many Awards such as:2005 -Second prize in Ratep Sdik.2005 -Two prizes of the 17th Salon of Youth (the Syndicate of Fine Arts and Asala Association for the Care of Traditional and Contemporary Arts).2018-Luxor international visual arts forum. More than 60 local group exhibitions

There are several topics and methods that she considers stimulating creativity for me, such as women’s social issues and their reflections on their physical expressions and psychological states. Where she expresses the woman in various psychological states such as waiting, despair, anger, surrender, disease, and steadfastness, and considered her the loser, the winner, the rest, the catcher of burning embers, and also as she spins on her dress the path of her next life in complete surrender that does not deviate from him completely like her mother, so it is filled with symbols and connotations very special, the joyful girl’s friends of childhood To say goodbye to her forever, palm leaf and the knight of dreams, wedding icons. A repetitive life story in a rhythm that is interconnected and distorted, transformed, or similar, just like the rhythm of our ancient Egyptian language is full of images, symbols, and indications. Sometimes the woman was in a state of inner and outer peace and contemplated with the world she wanted.

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