Eman Hussein


Eman Hussein is a collage and multimedia artist who works in the form of art that reflects the architecture and the surrounding environment in an abstract style based on the manifestation of contact and various images. Graduated from faculty of Fine Arts  Set and Costume design Department 2012 Works as an Assistant lecturer in Faculty of Fine Arts. Holds a Masters Degree from Faculty of Fine Arts 2017

She participated in several exhibitions and won several awards, the latest of which was the Farouk Hassani Arts Award 2020.and Participated in Roznama Exhibition in Medrar Art Foundation 2017/2019

She is an artist whose work is strong and compelling. Working with collages frequently and proficiently, she brings out images that are extremely rich and vibrant. Her work also tells intriguing stories using the various textures and mediums she incorporates.

Creating art is not Eman Hussein’s only calling, though, as she also works as a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Fine Arts. She also loves to experiment with different mediums, and this is evident in her work.


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